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Program - Beyond The Numbers - How To Turn Your Accountants into Analysts - May 2016 

Program - Set New Ground Rules For Client Engagement In The New Financial Year - June 2016

Program - Create New Leads and Business Through Digital Marketing Strategies - July 2016

Program - Profit Improvement Strategies – How High Performing Firms Achieve Great Results - July 2016

Program - Client Service Excellence Program - July 2016

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The chances are, your firm is typical of many others. A recent survey of professional firms provided the following insights :

What business owners want:
  • Freedom and lifestyle - the ability to choose
  • Increased profits - to invest and enjoy
  • Efficient systems and processes - working together       
  • Interesting work - beyond the day to day tasks
  • Manageable growth - a sense of achievement
   Key frustrations:
  • Staff issues, cost of staff, training, lack of confidence
  • The load and stress of day to day work
  • Workflow, processes and turnaround time
  • Debtors and slow paying accounts
  • Meeting deadlines, inefficient work
Lack of time and counter-productive styles of leadership and management are the key reasons many professional firms do not move forward, despite experiencing considerable pain.

Business Aptitude specialises in providing hands-on support to professional firms in the  areas of strategic planning, systems development, team development, client management and marketing. We will help you to achieve your business objectives.

Call us directly on 1300 883 789 to discuss your firm's needs.

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